Month: October 2015

SMASH FM Interviews with Women’s Premier League squad

Listen to the Smash FM Interviews with members of the Women’s Premier League Squad below. (26/5/15) Interview Link & Video Link INTERVIEW TIMES 1. Emma Robinson @ 2.43min mark 2. Georgia Cutrale @ 12.16min mark 3. Alicia Duggan @ 22.12min mark 4. Emmaline Moore @ 30.51min mark 5. Jenna Denniss @ 41.20min mark 6. Bethany Russ @ 50.16min mark 7. Amy Scott @ 59.56min mark 8. Hayley McAlinden @ 1hr08.06min mark 9. Georgia Hopkins @ 1hr15.15min mark 10. Gabby Minett @ 1hr23.44min mark 11. Monica Singh @ 1hr32.15min mark 12. Ellen Druce @ 1hr39.45min mark 13. Stephanie Thompson & Carly James @ 1hr47min mark (28/5/15) Interview Link & Video Link 1. Jess Saveski @ 2.43min mark 2. Tegan Purser @ 11.10min mark 3. Kaitlin Grimaldi & Jess Snaize @ 20.22min mark 4. Isabella Colasurdo @ 31.09min mark 5. Rebecca James @ 39.24min mark 6. Esther Fithall @ 47.44min mark 7. Olivia Colasurdo @ 55.04min mark 8. Chloe Chatterton & Kate Pinkerton @ 1hr03.56min mark 9. Penny Mather @ 1hr13.30min mark...

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Congratulations on 2015/16 Hockey Victoria Academy selection

Congratulations to the following players selected to take part in the Hockey Victoria Academy for 2015/16. Girls: Isabella Colasurdo, Josie Erbsland, Kaitlyn Grimaldi, Alannah Hibbard, Claire Hind, Rebecca James, Ania Kosowski, Helayna Braiden, Gwendolen Lynch, Jade Robertson, Georgia Nelson Boys: Mitchell Braiden, Ben Rose, Harry Brazil, Hugh Damnics, Samuel Komp, Angus McKinnon (FHC/Geelong)...

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2015 Senior Presentation Night Award Winners…

Hope everyone had a great night at Presentation Night last night at The Yarraville Club! For those that couldn’t make it here are all the winners!  Congratulations to everyone on your year and enjoy the summer break! Congratulations to the following for reaching these milestones throughout the year!| In particular 600 Club games for Peter Sheehan!!...

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State Junior Indoor teams announced…

CONGRATULATIONS! to the following players who have made state teams or squads so far. U13 Girls Team: Josie Erbsland, Alannah Hibbard U15 Boys Team: Ben Rose U15 Girls Squad: Rebecca James, Isabella Colasurdo, Ania Kosowski , Gwen Lynch, Claire Hind U18 Women Team: Kaitlyn...

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Congratulations to FHC’s Australian Masters representatives

CONGRATULATONS: to the following FHC players on your selection in the Australian Masters teams playing at the World Cup next year in Canberra. 35’s Mat Whitbread (Player of the National Mens Masters tournament) 40’s Nigel Toussaint (Captain) Tung Le (shadow) 50’s Phil Frost (Vice Captain) 65’s Neil Coster (shadow)...

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Season preparations are getting real! Registration links are now open for this summer and winter season.

Reminder it is strongly advised that members purchase the Hockey Australia/Hockey Victoria Membership prior to participating in preseason and any summer hockey competitions to be covered with sports insurance.

Head to this link for all registration information.

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