Month: June 2016

Round 8 Results

    Women’s Results PL lost 7-2 vs HAW (T Purser, B Russ) RES lost 3-2 vs HAW (G Cutrale, C Chatterton) PA won 3-1 vs PHSK (C Chatterton 2, T Isorena) PB won 1-0 vs MUHC (J Robertson) PC lost 2-1 (K Smith) PD lost 7-1 vs ECHO (E Gill) PE lost 7-0 vs WAV METRO lost 6-0 vs...

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Round 7 Results

Women’s Results PL def STH 7-0 (L Brazel 2, T Purser, O Colausrdo, B Russ, G Minnet) RES def STH 1-0 (G Cutrale) PA def TEM 3-0 (T Isorena, L Dick, T Brazil) PB def BRU 2-1 (Z Killeen, R Grey) PC lost 4-0 PD lost 6-0 vs MCC PE lost 5-0 vs MORN Metro lost 6-0 vs...

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Mens & Womens Premier League

december, 2018

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FHC has been very fortunate to secure the services of the highly experienced Jarrod Lester to coach our men for at least the next two seasons. After a decade of PL coaching, Jarrod took the 2018 season off to re-charge his batteries, and is now very keen to “help continue the growth of the current group”.

Click on the link below to see some background to our new Premier League Mens Coach:

Photo: Men's 2018 Premier League Squad

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