Facilities, Ground Location & Club Song


FHC’s facilities at McIvor Reserve, Yarraville are regarded as the best club level hockey facilities in Australia. Featuring two synthetic turf fields  (both wet/dry hybrids, one with a water cannon irrigation system), the Club also has an outdoor artificial grass specialist training area that is the size of, and marked as, an ‘indoor’ court. The club also has a new car park and a magnificent clubhouse, now featuring its own substantial pro-shop HOCKEY HQ. Whilst primarily the base of the FHC, the McIvor Reserve facility hosts a variety of activities including Lacrosse, Gridiron and Soccer.

The broad usage is possible because of the multi-use nature of the artificial grass installed on both pitches, and also because the western pitch (‘Alby Speed Field’) is built to lacrosse dimensions. It is also possible because of the flexible / shared-use philosophy adopted by successive FHC administrations. FHC are responsible for operating the facility all year round and, in addition to satisfying hockey demands, seek to achieve significant usage targets for non-hockey activities. The Club provides over 100 hours per week of volunteer input to operate the complex.

The recent (2009- 2011) upgrade / installation of these surfaces has cost approximately $1.5 million, with FHC contributing just over $700,000 towards these costs and the balance from the Maribyrnong City Council.

FHC from above


Footscray Hockey Club

McIvor Reserve
Fogarty Av Spotswood
Melways Ref 41 G:10

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Sons of the Scray’s (Girls of the West)
Red, white and blue
We’ll come out snarling
Bulldogs through and through
Bulldogs bite and bulldogs roar
We give our very best
Because you can’t beat the boys of the Bulldog breed (girls)
The team of the mighty West