Canteen Duty Information 2017

Throughout the year the canteen raises funds which help to subsidise your fees.

FHC membership requires you to undertake a canteen duty OR pay the required opt out of canteen duty fee of $100 prior to Round 1.

For those members that selected to complete their canteen duty, please click here to nominate your preferred date and time.
If you do not select a time, the Canteen Manager will roster you in to an available time slot, which should not clash with your scheduled match.  To ensure you are allocated to a time that suits you, please click on the above link and select your time prior to Round 1.

For junior parents completing their child’s canteen duty, please add your child’s full name and team in to the comment section.

Alternatively if you have selected to pay the opt out fee, please ensure this is paid prior to Round 1.
Failure to confirm and complete your rostered duty will automatically incur a $150 charge to be paid prior to your next game.

Canteen Volunteer Instructions