Registration Information 2017

Welcome to Footscray Hockey Club in Season 2017 


All members must undertake the 2-part registration and fee payment process prior to their first game to be eligible for selection to participate in a HV competition or a FHC competition

  1. Register with Hockey Victoria (Hockey Victoria Membership payment is compulsory at the end of the online registration form)
  2. Register with Footscray Hockey Club (FHC Fee payment is compulsory at the end of the online registration form. Please note a 1.75% + 30c fee applies)

Note: you can purchase a pre-paid debit card at the Post Office.

Exception #1: FHC junior section can offer “come and try” sessions for new junior members and FHC fees do not apply, this usually occurs around February / March. FHC senior or masters section can offer 2 “come and try” senior games for new senior members and FHC fees do not apply.

Exception #2: In the circumstance where a member has applied for a payment plan with the Treasurer and that payment plan has been approved, the member must pay the first instalment upon registration (or prior to their first game). Further instalments are due on May 15th and June 15th. Members who fail to comply with the payment plan terms will be excluded from playing. Payment plans must be submitted 5 business days prior to the first game to allow for processing time.



Every person who wishes to participate in any of the following competitions – Seniors, Masters, Juniors, Competition run by FHC – must register online with Hockey Victoria and pay the relevant HV membership via credit card.

The HV registration fee covers players insurance and several other benefits. Every HV member from U12+ receives free entry into the State Netball Hockey Centre.

Hockey Victoria Registration Form

EXISTING MEMBERS to FHC must click on the “login” (top right) to begin the registration process. Then click the “Renew” button. If a member has forgotten their password there is a “Forgotten Password” option which will send an email through to the registered email, or please contact the General Secretary on and allow 3 business days for the reset of your password. DO NOT CLICK “REGISTRATION”…THIS CREATES A DUPLICATE RECORD!

NEW MEMBERS to FHC (and HAVE NOT played at another club before) please click on the “Registration” tab (top left) to begin the registration process.

PLAYED AT ANOTHER CLUB BEFORE? Please contact Transfer Officer Nicole Virtuoso to arrange a transfer; please do not proceed to register until further notice.


Members only need to select one (1) of the subscription options.

  • HV 2017 Adult Playing Membership $65
  • HV 2017 Youth (10-17) Playing Membership $50
  • HV 2017 Junior (<10) Playing Membership $37.50
  • HV 2017 Dual/Secondary Club Registration $0

If you play at 2 different clubs, you need to choose the correct registration for each club. If you do this the other way around it causes administration issues, for example:

Example #1
I play juniors at Club Y and seniors at Club Z
I should register as a junior at juniors club Y and select the $50 membership
I should then register as a dual member at senior Club Z $0

Example #2
I play seniors at Club Y and masters at Club Z
I should register as an adult at senior club Y and select the $65 membership
I should then register as a dual member at masters Club Z $0

  • HV 2017 Non-Playing Membership $0 For coaches, team managers, umpires etc. who are not playing.


At the end of the HV registration click “Add another registration”. The family members linked to you should become visible. If you have a new family member to add click “Someone else”.


Click “Pay Now”. Pay the Hockey Victoria fees via debit or credit card.



Every person who wishes to participate in any competition run by the Footscray Hockey Club, including the U6’s, U8’s and U10’s Intra Club programs must register via the FHC online registration process. It is important that every person is registered separately as there are no linked options within this system.

Throughout this form, members will be asked questions about contact information, emergency contacts, canteen allocations and the type of club registration being selected.

Your online registration will not be recorded until after your fee payment via debit or credit card at the end.

Click here for information on Club Fees.

Footscray Hockey Club Registration Form


Throughout the year the canteen raises funds, which help to subsidise every member’s fees. FHC membership requires you (or your parents) to undertake a canteen duty OR pay the required opt out of canteen duty fee of $100 per player. In the FHC Registration form you can select the opt out option and it will add the $100 fee to your fees to pay at the end of registration.

If you selected to complete your canteen duty, please click here to nominate your preferred date and time on our online Canteen Roster System “Sign Up”. If you do not select a time on “Sign Up”, the Canteen Manager will send you a reminder or roster you in to an available timeslot. Failure nominate a time on Volunteer Spot by season end will automatically incur a $150 charge to be paid prior to your next game. Failure to turn up without notice you will automatically incur a $150 charge to be paid prior to your next game. 


If you are playing seniors and are 18 years of age or over, FHC membership requires you to pay an umpiring levy of $40 when you register, this has been included in the relevant fees. The Men’s & Women’s Umpire Coordinators have been instructed to arrange paid umpires for EVERY senior game for EVERY grade. If you’d like to earn your $40 back (or more if you umpire more games), then please tick the relevant box in the registration form and the Umpire Coordinators will be in touch with you.


FHC will offer a family fee rebate for those families who qualify. Please apply to the FHC Treasurer using the application form link below. Please note: A “family” consists of up to 2 playing adults and their children who are full time students.

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any queries

Footscray Hockey Club – Family Fee Rebate Application – 2017


Members or families who are experiencing financial hardship may apply to the FHC Board for a Payment Plan. Please apply to the FHC Board using the application form link below.


First Instalment                   Due upon registration
Second Instalment              Due May 15th
Third Instalment                 Due June 15th – balance of your fees

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any queries –

Footscray Hockey Club – Payment Plan Application – 2017