Umpiring & Canteen Roster

Duty Expectations

It is expected that every men’s senior member do one duty in the canteen and one umpiring commitment each per year.  As per the information in the registration system, an opt out fee can be paid for both duties if the member would like to opt out.

Members will be rostered onto the canteen and umpiring roster for the year.

Usually every one from Premier League to Metro A will be required to do at least 1 umpiring. Those members who can umpire may be given 3 umpiring and no canteen as we require more umpires to fill the umpiring roster – and we jubilantly thank those members!!!! Every player from Metro B will not be required to do any umpiring – however will be rostered onto a canteen duty on the Queens B’day long weekend. Weekend. Juniors playing seniors are not required to do canteen duty, Juniors may be given a “Learner Umpiring Commitment” i.e stand next to an experienced umpire to learn or if they can umpire – given a low grade duty.

Umpire Roster Coordinator – Jesse Howell

CANTEEN The FHC canteen surplus equates to a $100 reduction of the fees of each of our 500 members, thereby those who wish to opt out of doing canteen duty may forgo their $100 subsidy. A roster will be distributed early in the season. If your canteen duty clashes with your game or you have arranged a swap please contact Nicole. Canteen duty does include – wiping/clearing tables, dishes, rubbish duty, serving.

UMPIRING FHC is required to provide 1 umpire to any games that do not have rostered umpires (which will most probably be the Metro teams each week). We ask that every player in the ladies section does at least 3 duties of either umpiring or canteen. This commitment is part of the selection criteria Commitment to the club. Please keep an eye out for the umpire’s roster. (If you do not wish to do your commitment you can arrange a replacement or pay someone else $30 or the club can arrange it for you for $60)

Umpires willing to umpire for $30 per game:

Kevin Protheroe – 0407 799 398
Graeme Veitch – 0402 030 027
Greg Hopkins – 0411 038 34

Umpire Roster

Occasionally a badged umpire will be scheduled for you’re match.
You can check this at the Hockey Victoria website under: > Officiating > Rosters > Open Age Umpire Rosters