2016 Footscray Hockey Club Highlights

2015 Footscray Hockey Club Highlights

2014 Footscray Hockey Club Highlights

Greg Hopkins celebrates 800 games!

2012 Footscray Hockey Club Highlights
What were a few of the things that helped FHC gain State League 1 Status for Men & Women!

2010 Footscray Hockey Club General Highlights.wmv
What a year! Check out what has made FHC a successful club in 2010.

2010 Footscray Hockey Club Women’s Division.wmv
4 team in grand finals and 4 Premiership Flags! What an amazing effort!

2010 Footscray Hockey Club Men’s Division.wmv
The Men’s State League Team had an amazing year playing off in the grand final from 4th spot on the ladder. 3 Men’s Teams made the finals, 3 Runners Up Premiers. Let’s go one better next year boys!

2010 Footscray Hockey Club Overseas Players Tribute.wmv
The 3 overseas Men’s players created such a buzz around the club in 2010. They made a huge impact on the team and everyone they met. Discover why!

2010 Footscray Hockey Club Men’s SL Best & Fairest Javier Speech.wmv
Congratulations Javier – winning the State League Best and Fairest and Men’s Club Champion! This is his thank you speech made from Argentina and played at Presentation Night in Melbourne Australia!