Premier League finished higher on the ladder this year, from 9th to 6th, a solid performance from the women. Reserves just missed out on finals in 5th after a jump from 7th under new coach Phil Frost. Pennant A finished a solid 4th again, however bowed out of the Semi Final and the only Women’s team in finals this year. Pennant B 5th, Pennant C 6th, Pennant D 7th, Pennant E 5th, Metro A 8th and Metro B 9th.


With a team represented in every level of competition in Melbourne, the women’s section had a year of consolidation all round. The Premier League Team, down 2 key players from the year before held a commendable 9th under new coach Lachie Anderson. The Reserves had a good run home finishing 7th. PA finished just shy of the grand final in 3rds, a much improved year from 2013. Pennant B was also just shy of the grand final.  PC held the grade, Metro 1 North finished 5th, Metro 1 South 9th, Metro 2 North 5th and Metro 3 8th. With the removal of the “South” competitions the women’s section look forward to social grade hockey being played closer to home next season.


Under the new banner of Premier League the, the team again were very competitive finishing 6th. The Reserves also exceeded expectation finishing 8th out of 12 teams, this was the first year in our history that we have had a “Pennant A” equivalent side. PA held the grade and PB were Runners Up Premiers. Metro 1 North finished 1st and were Runners Up Premiers, they secured promotion to Pennant C – thus we will field a team in every Hockey Victoria competition in 2014. Metro 1 South finished 6th, Metro 2 North finished 5th, Metro 2 South finished 2nd and gained promotion to M1. Metro 3 enjoyed a social season finishing 8th.

Grand Final photos 2013


2012 State League 1 Team did exceptionally well in their first year of the competition finishing 5th. The 2nds, 3rds and 4ths all gained promotion under the new re-structure of the HV competition in 2013. Pennant D were Runners Up and Metro 3 South were Premiers for the 3rd year in a row. Under the new re-structure we will field teams in all 8 divisions of competition except 1. Premier League (old SL1), Reserves (old PA), Pennant A (old PC), Pennant B (old PD), [No FHC team in Pennant c] Metro 1 North, Metro 1 South, Metro 2 North,Metro 2 South, Metro 3 South.  Looking forward to a great year!

Grand Finalists 2012


What a year, top 4 ladies sides promoted. 6 teams in finals, 7 out of 9 teams in Grand Finals, 3 Premierships. State League 2 promoted to State League 1, backed up by strong Pennant Sides in B, C and D division. Pennant C finished 3rd on the ladder and won the flag! Pennant D finished 1st and won the grand final. Metro 1 North finished 1st on the ladder to gain Minor Premiers. Metro 2 North and Metro 2 South bowed out at the Preliminary Finals after both finishing 4th. Metro 3 North 1st and Premiers. Metro 3 South held the grade in 8th spot after being promoted the year before. Metro 4 teams continued to enjoy social hockey.


4 out of 9 teams in the Grand Final and 4 out of 4 Premiership Flags (Metro 1 North, Metro 3 North, Metro 3 South, Metro 4 North Red – all promoted!) State League 2 girls held the grade finishing 6th and 2 points out of finals. PB unfortunately had another tough year and will consolidate next year in PC. Metro 1 South 6th, Metro 2 South 6th, Metro 4 North Blue 6th. Not a bad year by all accounts. Next year to be surely exciting with a new coaching team and the success of our club’s junior girls (winning HV’s Best Junior Girls Club for the 3rd year in a row). Finally we have secured a Pennant D side in season 2011 – this will help support our push for SL1!


Undoubtedly 2009 was a successful year for the ladies section. After 18 rounds of home and away hockey 5 out of 8 ladies teams are in the top 4 (State League 3, Metro 1 North, Metro 2 North, Metro 3 North and Metre 4 North Blue), the other teams finished 6th Metro 2 South , 6th (Metro 4 North Red) and 8th (Pennant B). SL3 and M4NBue gained automatic promotion finishing 1st as of round 18 and sealed the season winning Premiership Flags, joining them in promotion was M2N winning the Premiership Flag from 2nd spot. Metro 1 North were Runners Up Premiers after finishing 3rd. Metro 2 South held their grade which is a credit to the team in their first year of this grade. Metro 3 bowed out of the preliminary finals. Metro4 Red were unfortunately knocked out of the four in the last round and PB fortunately finished 8th, saving relegation, in their second year in this tough grade




The ladies section had 3 teams appear in finals. One Grand Final appearance from Metro 3 North who came Runners Up. A disheartening year for the SL2 girls this year, unable to hold the grade although the girls persevered for the entire season. After promotion the year before, PB held the grade. Metro 1 had a solid year, unfortunately unable to go that one step further to Pennant D. M2 bowed out in the Preliminary Finals. M4 Blue bowed out of the Preliminary Finals and M4 Red finished 6th. The ladies section is looking to rebuild again in 2009 and should be an exiting year, with finals appearances and promotions from multiple teams.


Wow what a year, State League 2 held the grade after gainng promotion at the end of season 2006. We had 5 out of 7 teams in finals which is a mammoth effort. Pennant C, 2nd, won the Grand Final. M1, 2nd, bowed out in the Preliminary Finals. M2, 4th bowed out of the Preliminary Finals, M3 1st Runners Up Premiers, M4N Blue Bowed out of the Preliminary Finals. Well done to all members for making it an enjoyable season!


How does the ladies section do it? We always seem to pull in many new members through the extensive advertising and promotion efforts. We had 3 out of 7 teams in finals. SL3 (1st) won the Grand Final to make their way back into State League 2! PC 6th. D1 (2nd) won the Premiership for the 2nd year in a row. D3N finished 2nd in the ladder, gained promotion but unfortunately bowed out of the preliminary finals. D1S 9th. D4NRed 6th, D4NBlue 7th. Well done to all members for making it an enjoyable season!


The summer months of promotion and advertising pulled in many new and interested members and 6 teams were entered into the season. Although the State League Girls had a difficult year they persevered and gave it their all. They will consolidate again in State League 3 this year. Positions as at round 18 – PC 7th, D1 4th (Premiership), D2 1st (Runners Up), D3 5th, D4 5th.

District 1 North – Premiership

District 2 North – Runners Up


2005 State Team Representative

Congratulations to Marianne Fridell who made the Victorian Veterans O55 team. In 2005, they won the Gold Medal

Marianne Fridell