Teams & Training

TEAMS 2014

1st Squad Premier League
2nd Squad Premier League Reserves
3rd Squad Pennant A
4th Squad Pennant B
5th Squad Pennant C
Pennant D
Pennant E
Metro A
Metro B

PRE-SEASON TRAINING  & INFORMATION PACK LADIES 20156Pease e-mail Nicole to be e-mailed a copy


Tuesday F1 & F2

WOMEN 7.00pm – 8.30pm (arrive 6.30pm)
Premier League, Reserves, Pennant A, Pennant B, Pennant C – Squad Training
Pennant D, Pennant E, Metro A, Metro B – (mini indoor games in the cage area FHC vs FHC)

Thursday F1 & F2

WOMEN 8.30pm – 9.45pm (arrive 8.00pm)
Premier League, Reserves,

WOMEN 8.30pm – 9.30pm (8.15pm ready to go on the pitch)
Pennant A, Pennant B, Pennant C – Team Training
Pennant D, Pennant D, Metro B Red and Blue Training

F1 & F2

PRACTICE MATCHES – Information in Pre-Season Information Pack