Umpiring & Canteen Roster


It is expected that every Women’s senior member do 2 duties each per year of either Umpiring or Canteen.

You will be rostered onto the canteen and umpiring roster for the year, unless you nominate a time yourself.

Usually every one from Premier League to Pennant E will be required to do at least 1 umpiring. Every player from Metro B will not be required to do any umpiring – however will be rostered onto 2 canteen duties. You can chose to opt out which will cost you $60.

Juniors in their 1st and 2nd year of seniors will not be rostered onto umpiring. In their 3rd year may opt to do a “Learner Umpiring Commitment” i.e stand next to an experienced umpire to learn or if they can umpire – given a low grade duty.

Umpire Roster Coordinator 2016 Angela Thompson


The FHC canteen surplus equates to a $100 reduction of the fees of each of our 600 members, thereby those who wish to opt out of doing canteen duty may forgo their $100 subsidy. If your canteen duty clashes with your game or you have arranged a swap please contact Nicole. Canteen duty does include – wiping/clearing tables, dishes, rubbish duty, serving.

Juniors playing seniors are not required to do canteen duty, however your parents are expected to do your shift.

Canteen Manager 2016 Karen Johnstone