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In terms of our strategic planning, I mentioned in the last Banter that our finances were tracking ahead of budget across a range of key performance areas this year. Initiatives developed by last year’s Board (developing a 12 month cash-flow projection plan for 2014, the capturing of a 4th major event to be hosted at McIvor Reserve, and really importantly the collection of fees prior to Rd 1), combined with all of the hard work carried out this year by all at FHC, has given us another year of aggressive but stable financial management. What of our on-field performances though? Under our 2012 -2016 Strategic Plan, 2014 was the year in which we would start to reduce our young squad’s reliance on overseas and other experienced support players, and over the summer our squads were substantially reshaped. As a result, we may well be the youngest squads in both mens and ladies PL this season. Out from the mens squad went 2012 B & F Tynan Whight and our three ‘internationals’, whilst out of the women’s squad went Vic player Sam Ellis and our one ‘international’. That’s a substantial hit on the teams experience levels, yet the teams will finish 2014 with similar points to 2013, and a new batch of young kids will have been introduced to both squads. The expected ‘hit’ on our squad’s performances have been...

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FHC has been very fortunate to secure the services of the highly experienced Jarrod Lester to coach our men for at least the next two seasons. After a decade of PL coaching, Jarrod took the 2018 season off to re-charge his batteries, and is now very keen to “help continue the growth of the current group”.

Click on the link below to see some background to our new Premier League Mens Coach:

Photo: Men's 2018 Premier League Squad

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