State League One
Opposition: Greensborough
Result: 2-9
Goal Scorers: Weston Howell, Scott Sutherland

Pennant B
Opposition: Yarra Valley
Result: 3-0

Pennant E
Opposition: Camberwell
Result: 2-0
Goal Scorers: Brendan Evans, Will Leeder

Metro 1Opposition: MCC
Result: 6-0
Goal Scorers: Brendan Denning (2), Rico Virtuoso (2), Tom Doer, Liam Braithwaite

Metro 2 North
Opposition: Monash Uni
Result: Walkover

Metro 2 West
Opposition: Kew
Result: 7-1
Goal Scorers: Bobby Sharma (2), Simon Hoare (2), Will Huynh, Peter Grosz, Vinny Sharma

Metro 4 White
Opposition: Melbourne Uni (2)
Result: Walkover

Metro 4 Blue v Metro 4 Red
Result: 4-3
Goal Scorers (Blue): Jerry Sutherland (2), Luke Michael, DARRYL JAHNKE
Goal Scorers (Red): Geoff Peacock, Harjinder Sandhu
Match Report: I was very concerned coming into this ultimate dog fight as friends that work at Melbourne international airport reported that there was a tall redhead flooding the floor with tears which had to be mopped up on more than one occasion near the departure gates.

When the tall redhead arrived at the ground he was fine much to our delight.

We suspect that Judy spoke to him and told him to harden up and he took her advice as most do.
Byron is still a game away and has to come back into the side.

The crowd was building with our number ticket holder present and showing a keen interest.
By the start of the game there were more spectators at the ground than at football park when port power play.
The game was played at a good pace with the hand of god in great form and even saving a stroke.
Half time was 0-0

The start of the second half we went 2-0 up within 10 minutes and the game ebbed and flowed with the opposition scoring and the final score was 4:3 to us.
We have a fair way to go to play at our peak but it’s good to see the 3rd ranked side sit on top of the ladder.

As Daryl made his way home to eat “big food” he was content knowing that he was going to replace what he burnt off after doing 2 laps of the ground with his shirt off after scoring.
Police and green peace are looking into the incident.

Paul Russ