The FHC State League Team were in there to have one last hit out before the start of the season, playing MCC. It was  decided to rest a few players and give a run to some of the younger players of the team. The game started okay but the reactive style of hockey played allowed MCC to pile on the pressure. The lack of communication from the team resulted in hurt across the pitch and MCC scored twice leading into half time. Being very keen to get a young team firing meant the team came out hard and hit the ground running scoring two goals to level the game. MCC just wanted to win more and scored another two goals late in the game. FHC get to play MCC in round 1 at home, to hopefully return the favour.


The Pennant B team ended the Practice Match rounds on a high with a convincing win of 4/0 over MCC. The team started well dominating possession then converting the first short corner into a smashing goal. The defense was tight and the ball kept being fed up to some hungry forwards. At half time the score was 2/0. In the second half FHC maintained possession and kept MCC out of the goal circle for the most part and successfully shot another two goals. The team moved the ball around well and some good back passes continued to force the opposition to chase. All the team played very well and an exciting season is in store for the Pennant B team.