A tough round of games for most teams this week, with a couple of massive double headers for our two top teams. A few good wins and some inspiration to come out hard in round 5.

Premier League (Game 1/Round 4) 2 def Altona 1 Goal O Colasurdo, L Merret

A huge weekend with the first double header had the team heading to Altona in the clash for the west. The team went into game full of confidence and and started the game in full control peppering (for our sponsor) Altona’s defensive 25 yard area. We had lots of shots but missed the goals and finally Altona started to get some breakaways from some of our passes that were forced due to the building pressure of not converting. We went into half time 0-0. The second half got underway with both teams creating opportunities to score but finally late in the second half Leah Merrett scored from a keeper rebound throwing herself at a loose ball and slapping ball into the top of goals. Altona scored from the restart with a well placed one time shot. The game really opened up with both teams looking for the next goal but with 20 seconds left Bethany Russ opened up Altona’s back line and fed a brilliant pass to Olivia Colasurdo who ran into circle and turned the Altona keeper inside out and slotted in a simple finish while the Altona keeper was left sprawling on the ground. We finished 2-1 winners against our arch rivals. Not our best performance as a team but an ugly win is still a win.

Premier League 1(Game 2/Round 19) 1 lost Mentone 3 Goal L Merret

For the second game FHC came up against the Premiership favourites and the undefeated Mentone at Mentone on a sand pit. FHC had a late player change with Caitlin Duggan coming in for Amy Scott. The team was under the pump from the very start. Mentone showed great speed but failed to convert up front with some lack of polish in front of net. Penny Mather turned away any shots that came close to the goals. FHC started to get some of the ball and created shots at goal but failed to convert.  There was some trouble getting used to the ground and the slowness but went into half time 0-0. Early in the second half a direct turnover from the FHC back line, which allowed Mentone to finally score and not long after this another communication error allowed a player to be open on the back post for an easy tap in, to give Mentone a 2 nil lead. FHC got back into the game with Leah Merrett scoring again off a rebound from a Georgia Hopkins shot that was luckily saved by the keeper but slammed home by our captain. Late in the game a breakaway allowed Mentone to earn a corner and Mentone scored again to finish the game 3-1 winners. Like all games the team learnt what is required to be a top team and we will work hard to get to that level. The next game is against Doncaster at the SNHC at 8PM at night and the team would love to get some support in a game that both teams need to win to stay in touch with the top four. 


Premier League Reserves (Game 1/Round 4) 1 def Altona 0 Goal E Robinson

Premier League Reserves (Game 2/Round 19) 0 lost Mentone 2


Pennant A 0 lost Camberwell 3


Pennant B 2 def Melboure Uni 0 Goals C McCulloch 2

Pennant B Round 4 was a top of the table clash with FHC ranked 2nd facing MUHC 1st, ahead on goal difference. FHC came out strong, ready to take pole position. In the first half FHC earned two short corners both which were converted thanks to the slamming shots by Caitlyn McCulloch. The defence continually cleared the ball and some excellent backing up of  players ensured the ball was kept on a FHC stick. Continual talking and passing kept MUHC score at nil and FHC came out winners 2-0 and moved to the top of the ladder.


Metro 1 North 4 def Sunshine 1 Goals K Farrell, B Humphrey K Joyce, L Lang

Probably the sloppiest performance for the year so far – playing against 10 (most of whom arrived for the game about 5 minutes before the start) was a challenge on a Sunday afternoon. Sunshine played very defensively and were happy to belt the ball out of the defensive 25 on every turnover.  This made for a scrappy and frustrating encounter. When FHC did work together, the scoreboard was hit and another win was gained. Probably a lesson in making sure the team are ready to play no matter how strong/weak the opposition look before the start of the game! Great to think that all the team improve on that performance and make that the focus for next week’s game. Well done, 4 games, 4 wins.

Metro 1 South 2 lost Hawthorn 3 Goals L Dick, M Gamble


Metro 2 North 0 lost Werribee 4


Metro 2 South 7 def Mornington Peninsula 0 Goals

The long drive did not deter the enthusiasm of the team who came out firing from the get go. FHC dominated the play early on, and were rewarded with two goals in the first half (Kat Clark and Ellen Ong). After half time there seemed to be no stopping the attack with five more goals coming off the sticks of Rebecca Holland (2), Joanna White (2) and Tania Bezzobs (1). The defence didn’t have an easy day, just had a great day being able to fend off all attempts to break through. Well done again everyone, it was another fantastic team effort.


Metro 3 North 3 def Bru (wh) 1 Goals M Mateos-Perea 2, C Wang