Well done M1N and M2S great games and great reports! Some room for growth this week for the other teams.

Premier League 4 drew MCC 4 Goals O Colasurdo, G Hopkins, L Merret, M Singh


Premier League Reserves 2 drew MCC 2 Goals B Russ 2


Pennant A 0 drew Hawthorn 0

In extremely wet weather at the SHC, the Pennant A girls played in what would have to be the most unfriendly ground conditions all season. The pitch was very water logged and the ball was not moving at a great pace across the ground. We beat HAW in the first clash 5 – 4 and were very keen to secure another 3 points. Both teams had opportunity to score – however even the hardest hits were going 5 – 10 m only through the water. The game was abandoned at half time due to unsafe ground conditions.

Pennant B 0 lost Greensborough 1

A disappointing game for the Pennant B team this week. The team did not work well together for the most part of the match and this resulted in Greensborough getting the upper hand. One player did have a great match, goal keeper Laura Anderson. When the team linked and passed a terrific ten minutes resulted but a goal was not forthcoming. Greensborough came away victorious 1-0.

Metro 1 North 6 def Geensborough 0 Goals N Bloomfield, K Farrell 2, R Humphrey, L Lang 2

FHC got back on the winner’s list this week with a comfortable win at Greensborough on Sunday. Another solid display at the back and better ball distribution coming out from defence saw our forwards have many excellent chances in the circle. Well done to everyone, a great team effort.

Metro 1 South 0 lost Waverley 2

Metro 2 North 0 lost Parkville Women 4

Metro 2 South 2 def Hawthorn 1 Goals T Julian, J White

FHC defeated Hawthorn 2-1 after a hard fought game. FHC held out a series of determined attacks and short corners in the first half, and then turned the game on it’s head with a surprising and skillful response that resulted in a goal for FHC. A further barrage of attacks by the young Hawthorn team also went unrewarded leaving the half time score at 1-0. Hawthorn began the second half with a strong surge, being rewarded with a goal in the first few minutes. Both teams played with renewed urgency producing a tenacious fight to break the deadlock; both teams having many close calls until a hard hit cross from Hannah Hage was precisely deflected past the goalie by Toni Julian. Hawthorn pummeled the FHC defence until awarded a penalty stroke with a few minutes remaining in the match, to their dismay, this did not present them with the equaliser and FHC was able to keep the ball away from the goal until the final whistle. Well done again team, we were put to the test and produced another fantastic result!

Metro 3 North 1 lost Altona 9 Goal M Mateos-Perea