Round 17 is complete and congratulations to the three FHC teams who have secured a place in the finals. Pennant B are through as are Metro 1 North and Metro 2 South. Metro 2 North still have a chance, so go team!


Premier League 0 drew Greensborough 0

With this return match against Greensborough, FHC’s Premier League team had a lot to prove after the previous thumping received. Greensborough had a handy inclusion of Australian goal keeper Rachael Lynch and FHC’s Amy Scott was out. This game was going to be hard slog and defeat was going to go to whoever broke first. The first half got underway with Greensborthe FHC back line held and repelled all Greensborough’s efforts. FHC started to get some attacks into the circle and captain Leah Merrett ripped out a back stick shot that had the Greensborough keeper make a miraculous save to prevent FHC from taking the lead. The team adjusted the way they played and had some chances to score but just could not convert. The score at half time nil all. Greensborough started to tag Leah Merrett so we shifted her to center half and moved Olivia Colasurdo to the inside position and this allowed FHC to get some real attack from the flanks and Monica Singh almost scored a goal in a one on one with the Greensborough keeper but just missed the goals. Both teams had chances to score late in the game but failed to convert. An injury to a Greensborough striker (with her own stick rebounding off our keeper and cutting her head) allowed the game to stop and both teams tried to regroup. Greensborough took full advantage and really pressed hard but both teams failed to convert and game ended nil all. Next week the double header and final round to the season will allow us to hopefully end on a high note.


Premier League Reserves 1 def Greensborough  0 Goal G Minnet

The FHC Premier League team came up against Greensborough gaining a win for the penultimate match of their season. With Lisanne Lamers, Caitlin Duggan and Racael Browne taking home best players on the day.


Pennant A 0 lost TEM 2

Every journey starts with the first footstep! We as a team have taken a lot of positive steps towards the end of our journey….to become better players. If we were to divide the game against TEM into 3 parts the start, the middle and the end. FHC controlled half the 2nd part and almost the complete 3rd part. The team played a much improved game compared to the last meeting with TEM. Once again the press was very strong, all 2nd & 3rd efforts at winning the ball back was commendable and switching was good. The PA FHC team need to be stronger with marking and work on reducing turnovers. These are easy things to work on and the coach is 100% sure, as each of these players go forward to season 2014, every one of them will be better for the experience gained in this development year. Every player has improved this season and that is a credit to each one of you. Keep up the good work the results will come.


Pennant B 1 def TEM 0 Goal F Gates

The FHC Pennant B team needed a win this round to secure a finals place. FHC were the dominant team playing the ball beautifully up the side of the field with small passes and good clean connections, but the FHC team were unable to find the back of the net in the first half. Thankfully, the FHC defence stood firm and kept TEM out of the goal circle denying any firm shots on goal. FHC kept up the pressure and continued fighting until the ball finally skidded past the goalie landing in the back of the net bringing FHC to a 1-0 lead with 5 minutes on the clock. An anxious moment for FHC came from TEM who got up to the circle with the ball but the ball was quickly dispersed by the ever strong FHC PB defence. The PB team have fought hard and played well and have been rewarded with a spot in the finals


Metro 1 North 9 def La Trobe 1 Goals R Grey 3, R Humphrey 2, L Lang 2, AM Nylander, JA Sheehan

After a great performance last week, the coach was very wary of a let down against La Trobe this week. Sure enough, the first 10 minutes were very disappointing and we conceded a goal. Thankfully, we switched on from there and with some very strong work on the disputed ball, hard running forwards and strong backline we dominated the rest of the game achieving our highest score for the year. One game to go girls to earn that top spot, let’s make sure we start next week as if it is already finals time!


Metro 1 South 1 lost Doncaster 2 Goal R James


Metro 2 North 1 lost La Trobe University 3 Goal S Roberts


Metro 2 South 1 lost Monash University Goal M Di Benedetto

FHC had the game taken up to them in the first half, but the defence held strong only conceding an own goal in the first half. The second half saw FHC lift and take control back, when a fast break caught the defence off guard. FHC fought back, scoring off a short corner and maintained attack for the majority of the second half, but failed to capitalize. The second half showed some great promise as we head towards the finals, well done on the recovery team.


Metro 3 North BYE