Inaugural 7 V 7 competition at FHC

The top three teams of the women’s section were invited to compete with the added bonus of playing against the coaches team. Our women’s reserves team had a dinner so could not make it but we had three womens teams and a coaches team. The first game had our senior women from the PL team with some WPA players vs our young guns from the PL team. The young kids lost to the seniors 4-0. The coaches then played the young players from WPA and some PL players. A spiteful match that had three yellow cards and lots of goals., coaches won 6-4. The second round of games had the young guns playing coaches . Some nasty words from the young guns at the coaches physical appearance and perceived lack of skill soon died away after all shots were turned away. Then a goal fest from the coaches had them winning 5-0.The seniors team won over WPA team 3-0 to set up a final against the coaches. The seniors got out to an early lead with Sam Ellis scoring but Travis Brooks hit back from a great pass Troy “Hollywood” Williamson to level the score. The women hit back hard with numerous chances but the men’s back line held firm . The men scored again with Geoff “Rooster” Peacock scoring another great goal but the women answered back soon after. The game went to strokes with both keepers making good saves but Luke “Showtime” Michael saved his third shot to secure a great team victory for the coaches team. Lots of beer in our ice baths afterwards. All coaches rang up sick the next day. Next year’s competition will be huge.