……and then there were two!

Congratulations to all the teams this year. Two Women’s teams take the field this weekend for the Grand Final, Pennant B secured their spot at the the Preliminary Finals and Metro 1 North secured their spot at the Semi Finals two weeks ago. Unfortunately, Metro 2 South bowed out on the weekend after a great season.

Pennant B 2 def PHSK 1 Goals J Skilton 2

The FHC Pennant B team came into the Preliminary Final on a high after a great win at the semi final the previous week. FHC played better hockey passing the ball confidently and definitely having more chances in the attacking goal circle. At half time the score was nil all. Finally, FHC broke through the PHSK defence with a flurry of sticks and the first goal went in giving FHC a 1-0 lead. PHSK got a goal from outside the 25m line to bring the scores even taking the match into extra time. FHC started with the ball and were awarded with a quick corner which was beautifully converted by Jamie Skilton. A great win to a fantastic team. Grand Final here we come!

Metro 1 North a week rest after already proceeding to Grand Final


Metro 2 South 2 lost MCC 3 Goals M Di Benedetto R Holland

FHC came out strong and dominated the game for the first 20 minutes, after which MCC found momentum and took it up to FHC and scored the first goal for the match before half time. FHC came out fighting in the second half and secured the equaliser off Bec Holland’s stick. The game was a tussle until MCC got the better of FHC scoring the next two goals. FHC came back hard at the end, managing to snare another goal from the combination of Kathryn Clark and Mirella Di Benedetto. FHC maintained the fight to the end without reward. An unfortunate close to a fabulous season. Well done for finishing second on the ladder team, a magnificent effort for our first season together!