The Board of Directors would sincerely like to thank all members who promptly registered and paid their fees prior to their first game of the season. The Boards detailed cash-flow statements and tight budgets for 2014 are perfectly on-track. Thank you for your patience with the new IMG registration form and process. The working bee was very productive with 12 volunteers attending and completing many of the necessary tasks to bring the venue up to standard prior to the Police and Emergency Service Games. The Police Games was the first major tournament our club hosts this year, and thank you to all the members who came forth to work a shift during this time. Again we have had many volunteers assist the directors to put over 45 teams on the pitch this season. Thanks to everyone who has put their hand up to do a job – those include roles such as age group coordinators, coaches, team managers, umpire coordinators, first aiders, admin assistants, website/facebook uploaders, Hockey HQ workers and the list goes on. We really appreciate the nature of volunteerism at our club and it should only improve as time goes on. Please see the next important post on what is coming up! We have a big year ahead.