Umpiring pathways are an integral part of our sport and it is a mandatory requirement for FHC to have 10 Accredited Umpires who are willing to:

a) complete the 2014 umpire registration with HV $25.00
b) have (or working towards) a Hockey Ed Accreditation (Community Umpire, Level 1 Umpire, Level 2 Umpire, Australian Umpire)
c) active on the 2014 HV umpire roster for either juniors and or seniors
Anne Robinson was our Club Umpire Coordinator and in previous years and she is taking a step back and just fulfilling umpiring duties. Thank you Anne for your work. We are currently seeking a FHC Umpire Coordinator who will – ensure FHC comply with H’Vic umpire policy, assist umpires gaining accreditation/registration and on the active umpire list. Please contact Nicole Virtuoso 0424132715
Whilst we find a replacement, if you are an accredited umpire and have not received an e-mail from Nicole recently – please contact her 0424132715
Or if you are interested in learning how to umpire contact Nicole 0424132715
Or if you are interested in becoming an Accredited Umpire please contact Nicole  0424132715