It is going to be a busy day with FHC celebrating our 80th birthday and also hosting H’Vic’s Women’s Round vs Altona. The FHC Women’s Premier League & Reserves Teams will be wearing pink socks and hosting a “pink” themed afternoon tea. As part of Women’s Round, Hockey Victoria would like to celebrate and recognise the skills and abilities of our top female athletes, by awarding a Most Valuable Player medallion to one player from each of the WPL and WPLR  matches.  During the Premier League after noon tea at 4.00pm Hockey Victoria has asked Nicole Virtuoso to present the medals and the umpires for these matches will vote and advise Nicole the recipients. The Reserves medal will be presented after the game on the side of the pitch in front of the membership. FHC’s life members Lynn Gale, Bobbie Speed, Lynn Muller and Chris Henderson will be invited to attend to present a certificate or appreciation to a group of Women who have and continue to significantly contribute to the club on a volunteer capacity. President Rodney Johnstone will be in touch with the recipients this week to attend if they can at 4pm Sat 21st June.