Hello members and friends we are in the final stretch of the season of the home and away season. So all the very best for our teams in the lead up to finals and may your results go your way to reach the final four.
In recent news around the Club we have appointed Bronwynne Livingston (who you may have already seen volunteering in Hockey HQ) as our new Canteen Manager and she has started. However may be out of action for a few weeks as she undergoes surgery and we hope she has a speedy recovery.  In the meantime we will be working with a team of people to meet the canteen requirements as well as having our members undertake their required canteen volunteer commitments during opening times on weekends.
Mark White has resigned from the Board as Retail Director.  We wish to thank Mark for his work around the Club and managing the Canteen processes.  He will still be assisting until Bronwynne gets back on her feet and we certainly appreciate the ongoing support.
Our Sponsors & Life Members Day was a success last week thanks to delicious food prepared by Giulia Wiseman and Bucks Bar run by Laura Anderson with helpers.  Thanks to Karen for co-ordinating the day. Many thanks to all who have this year obtained a sponsor in Premier League or Reserves as well as those outside the PL list. Our Platinum Sponsor for the Junior division, Yarraville Club Cricket Club visited FHC for the first time and the President Richie Richardson and some of his Board were very impressed with the Club and our facilities. They hope to be running Milo cricket over summer at our venue.  We also have a new Club sponsor which is Dennis Family Homes so we are continuing to attract good quality sponsors with the help of our members.
The support for our social program run by Penny Mather is very pleasing and future events are sure to be just as much fun.
A note to all of our members and supporters that as a Club we have to abide by the Hockey Victoria Code of Behaviour and that means respecting our and opposition players and officials including umpires – especially umpires.  We cannot have a game without them and our supporters need to respect the role that they do.  Not every decision will be correct and deriding umpires will not be tolerated by the Board.  No one who does an umpiring commitment for the Club expects to be abused, so why do it to HV umpires? Think twice before making any comments and try to keep things positive and constructive for our players sakes.  Given that the past weekend was Fair Go round it is timely to reflect on that Code of Behaviour that the Club has agreed to support. Please see the link below.
Lets have a great final third of the season and may each team make finals where we can, and if not then let’s learn more and play great team games for the final five matches.  Fun and participation is all important, enjoy your time leading into September finals.