Dear Affiliates,

Over the past 48 hours Hockey Victoria has received a number of official reports of poor spectator
behaviour throughout the Preliminary Finals weekend. Some of the matters are of a serious nature and
will be fully investigated over the coming weeks, with penalties to apply to any members or clubs found
guilty of breaking Hockey Victoria’s Codes of Behaviour while spectating our finals.

I encourage all members to enjoy the Grand Finals on this coming weekend however I remind all
spectators that any vilification, harassment towards players, coaches or support staff of the teams
competing in the Grand Finals is not acceptable.

Any reported incident to Hockey Victoria will be investigated. Any breeches of Hockey Victoria’s Codes
of Behaviour by a spectator or member at the State Netball Hockey Centre will also result in automatic
removal from the facility this weekend.

Finally we thank you for your understanding and best of luck supporting your club this coming weekend.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Skillern
Chief Executive Officer
Hockey Victoria