Over the past 3 years our Club has been in the very fortunate position to have Travis Brooks at the coaching helm.  Over those 3 years our top squads have been exposed to the highest level of coaching available not only in this State but around the country.

After our last game out at Greensborough Travis announced to both PL/PLR that he would not be returning in 2015, a decision he didn’t take on lightly. Travis let the guys know his reasons and now our group is fully aware of where the next steps are for us to continue to develop as a Premier League club and to become one who will fight it out in the September action in the future.

The FHC challenge is possibly unprecedented in that regard given that although the Club recruited several outstanding player-mentors to help our coaches, the squad has basically been very young men just learning the caper. The few recruits excepted, there was virtually a total absence of any Premier League experienced within the group. Much still needs to be done in coming seasons to consolidate Travis’ work, but his dedication and leadership over the past three years has been pivotal to FHC establishing itself as a worthy member of hockey’s top level in Victoria.

We are very confident in our search to secure another outstanding coach for 2015.

Travis’ coaching partner these past three years, Richard Nally will hopefully be able to continue his significant input to our journey in some important way.

During his stay with us Travis and Sam have seen the arrival of Archer and Oliver, we wish them all the very best for the future. Special thanks to Sam for lending us Travis for the last three years!

Travis attended FHC’s Grand Finals and senior Presentation Night. He spoke very fondly of the support he has been given by the board and the club and wishes the boys all the best in the future.

Many thanks Travis.