ROUND 7: Men PL beat top of the table team Altona in local derby in a thrilling display of goals. Men’s RES snatch a win in the last minutes of the game. Women’s results not as successful. Photos of both RES teams.
Men’s PL def ALT (Goals S Shaw 2, L Braithwaite, S McIntosh, O Allan)
Men’s RES def ALT 4-2 (P Meaney 2, A Wiseman, J Humphries)
Women’s PL lost ALT 1-5 (O Colasurdo)
Women’s RES drew ALT 1-1 (J Denniss)




Pennant A 3 vs 0 MUHC (Goals – C Burt x 2, S McTigue)
Pennant B 1 vs 0 WAV (Goals – K Farrell)
Pennant C 1 vs 0 ESS (Goals – K Clark)
Pennant D 6 vs 2 SWIN (Goals – M. Saunders x 2, K Murphy x 2, R Holden)
Pennant E 5 vs 0 KNOX (Goals – C Hind x 2, C. Ong, T Khamu, C Wang)
Metro A 0 vs 2 PARK
Metro B 0 vs 7 MUHC2