The amazing sunset on the F1 ground, did not reflect the results of the round vs ESS. Hopefully the next home round live streaming round 10 vs Doncaster will be more successful and FHC draws a huge crowd to support the event.

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PL Men going down 3-1 (S Shaw)
PL Women going down 6-1 (B Russ)
RES Men 2-2 draw (H Shaw, W Harris)
RES Women 2-2 draw (G Cutrale, E Druce)


Pennant A 3 vs 1 MEN (Goals J Luckett, J Skilton, K Pinkerton)
Pennant B 2 vs 0 MEN (Goals – A. McRae and K Farrell)
Pennant C BYE
Pennant D 0 vs 1 KNOX
Pennant E 2 vs 0 BOXHILL (Goals – J Sinclair and C Hind)
Metro A 0 vs 0 MUHC
Metro B 0 vs 8 SUNSHINE