JUNIOR PRESENTATION FUNCTIONS: Congratulations to the following juniors who received awards – list below.

Pictured all the U14, U16 & U18 award recipients in attendance. Junior Female Club Champion Gwendolen Lynch, Junior Male Club Champion Mitchell Braiden

Junior Awards

Junior Female Clubperson 2015         Helayna Braiden
Junior Male Clubperson 2015                 Simon Main
Ron Smalley Award
Most Promising Junior Umpire 2015 Sam Grimes

Under 12A Shield
Best & Fairest: Jade Robertson
Runners Up: Harry Brazil
Coaches Award: Ewan Bezzobs

Under 12 Girls A Shield
Best & Fairest: Ashleigh Winter
Runners Up: Olivia Marshall
Coaches Award: Aspen Santoro

Under 12 Girls Pennant
Best & Fairest: Kiera Cordner
Runners Up: Macayla Newey
Coaches Award: Megan Gatt

Under 12 North West Red
Best & Fairest: Angus Dart
Runners Up: Dylan Merchant
Coaches Award: Lochlann Clarke

Under 12 North West Blue
Best & Fairest: Daniel Hudson
Runners Up: Kate Thomas
Coaches Award: Tristan Childs

Under 14 Pennant NW
Best & Fairest: Kean Weerasekera
Runners Up: Jasper McMahon
Coaches Award: William Edwards

Under 14 Girls A Shield
Best & Fairest: Claire Hind
Runners Up: Georgia Nelson
Coaches Award: Helayna Braiden

Under 14 North West
Best & Fairest: Ben Hughes
Runners Up: Christopher Heslop
Coaches Award: Moses Tirfe

Under 16 A Shield
Best & Fairest: Mitchell Braiden
Runners Up: Jacob Poole
Coaches Award: Nicholas Vlassis

Under 16 Girls A Shield
Best & Fairest: Gwendolen Lynch
Runners Up: Jessica Sinclair
Coaches Award: Ruby Whittle

Under 16 North West
Best & Fairest: Simon Main
Christopher Richmond
Coaches Award: Allan Xavier

Under 18 North West
Best & Fairest: Madeleine Fuller
Runners Up: Samuel Kerr
Coaches Award: Christiaan Van der Craats