FHC have several of our youngest, oldest and in the prime AHL competition off representing Victoria this week at the National Championships.

AHL MEN: @ Darwin 25th Sep – 2nd Oct
Kyle Gildea

WOMEN’S MASTERS: @ Brisbane 24th Sep – 3rd Oct
35’s Nicole Virtuoso, Sharon Winter
50’s Lynda Tivendale, Mel Stewart (Coach)

MEN’S MASTERS: @ Cairns 26th Sep – 10th Oct
35’s Greg Robertson, Andrew Monte, Alex Grosz
40s Div 1 Nigel Toussaint, Stuart McLean, Tung Le
50s Div 1 Phil Frost
50s Div 2 Tim Pugh (GK)
55s Peter Symons
60s Div 1 Geoff Lewis, Neville Hopkins
60s Div 2 Graeme Veitch, Mark Ford
65s Graham Whinney, John Traill, Neil Coster (GK)

U13 Girls: @ Sydney 25th Sep – 2nd Oct
Girls Blue Josie Erbsland (left) & Alannah Hibbard (Pictured Top)

U13 Boys: @ Darwin 25th Sep – 2nd Oct
Peter Wroblewski (coach)

U14 Girls & Boys: Congratulations to those who played in an invitational tournament last weekend @ Monash University
Girls Claire Hind (left), Ania Kosowski (right) (Pictured Bottom)
Boys Ben Rose

Congratulations to all players and best of luck in your respective championships!