International Men’s Health Week is celebrated every year around the world in June. It is an opportunity to highlight Men’s Health and what it means to be healthy. It is a way of acknowledging the issues that relate to lower age expectancy for men and how communities can improve this statistic.

Footscray Hockey Club (along with Hockey Victoria) are acknowledging International Men’s Health Week, and we are placing the emphasis around mental health and the role that belonging to a sporting organisation can play in creating a sense of connection and an opportunity to engage in dialogue with each other.

We are inviting past and present male players to our Past Players Day, to watch our top two Men’s games and socialise with each other. The Ladies top two teams will follow the Men’s.

· Premier League Reserve 12:30pm
· Official welcoming 1:45pm
· Premier League 2:00pm

We encourage all club members to make contact with any male players that they know (past and present) and get them along to the clubrooms on June 25th for at least some part of the afternoon. It would be a great opportunity to make reconnections with past members, have a few laughs and reminisce about ‘the good old days’.

Feel free to SHARE and INVITE others to this event.

Julie-Anne Sheehan
FHC Inclusion Ambassador