To FHC hockey players,

If you are playing at home this weekend you will be asked to wear a rainbow ribbon as part of ‘Fair Go Sports Round’. This is a simple, but very profound gesture, which can mean a lot to an individual that you don’t even know. I’m hoping that it is a way of saying that all are welcome to play at Footscray Hockey Club and we recognise that hockey as a sport, and our club in particular, can play an important role in creating an inclusive environment.

As you wear the ribbon take a minute to reflect on how your behaviour makes others feel included within the club. Would you speak up if anyone else made comments that were inappropriate? Also think about the colours as a reflection of the diversity in our club and a great way to celebrate that.

Most of all, during ‘Fair Go Sports Round’, think about the importance of fair play and enjoy the company of your team mates with respect for umpires and opposition.

Julie-Anne Sheehan
Inclusion Ambassador


Please click here to read an ‘Open Letter from Gus Johnston’.

The following initiatives are being undertaken by the Club and teams this year, including:

  • Inviting opposition for afternoon tea after the matches,
  • Publishing the article by Gus Johnson,
  • Players supplied with rainbow ribbon at each game,
  • Captains to wear rainbow socks,
  • Players to wear rainbow colours at training,
  • Photo with the FHC diversity banner.

Fair Go Sport Round 2016