Starting tomorrow night finals fever hits FHC teams heading into the finals this season!

Masters: (Wednesday 31st August)
Womens A – 7.15pm vs KBH Brumbies @ SNHC

Juniors: (Friday 2nd September)
U14GA – 8.30pm vs Doncaster @ SNHC
U16GA – 8.45pm vs Camberwell @ SNHC
U16A – 8.30pm vs Southern United @ H-1
U16DNW – 7.30pm vs Melton @ MEL

Seniors: (Saturday 3rd September)
MPA – 1.00pm vs Southern United @ MBN
MPD – 3.00pm vs Southern United @ MBN
WPA – 1.30pm vs MCC @ MHS
MMANW – 4.00pm vs Hawthorn @ F-1
MMBNW – 3.30pm vs Altona @ ALT

Get on down with your blue, red and white to support our teams! Go Doggies!