Never played hockey before, but always wanted to have a go at the game your child plays? Why not give J-Ball a go!

J-Ball was created for people with minimal exposure to hockey, and focuses on safety and social aspects of a team-based mixed gender game. The rules are easy, the equipment is modified, and the court is a quarter of a size of the hockey pitch. Best of all, free equipment is provided at the venue, so all you need is some comfortable clothes and runners. The teams consist of six players of mixed genders, with the game running for three periods of 12 minutes.

The 4-week season of this brand new mixed gender social version of hockey starts on Monday 6 March at Footscray Hockey Centre (Fogarty Avenue, Yarraville) and it will be a FREE evening (in addition to FREE team registrations). The program will run on Mondays (6, 19, 26 March and 3 April), starting at 7pm, and will cost only $5 per individual player. So 4 weeks of J-Ball for max $15 if you play all four evenings (the first session is free)!

This is a great opportunity to get a group of your fellow hockey parents/carers, form a team and be one of the first people ever to experience J-Ball. For more information and to register your team, please visit our website.


Alternatively, if you already play hockey, or you used to play, and are looking to bet back into it before the winter season, Hockey Sixers is the game for you. Hockey Sixers will be offered at Footscray on Friday evenings starting on 24 February. More information on the website above.

We look forward to seeing you on the J-Ball court!