KE40 (pronounced key-40)

Footscray Hockey Club has partnered up with Hockey Victoria to pilot KE40, a brand new program under the banner of HV’s social hockey initiatives.

So what is KE40? It is a great cardio workout that will save you time, increase your fitness and you can even pick up a few hockey skills along the way too! Developed between the staff at Hockey Victoria and Acceleration Melbourne, KE40 incorporates sports science objectives into a fun and time efficient hockey program!

The program is open to all participants, while hopefully appealing to hockey parents who spend their time on the sideline waiting for their kids to finish training. The idea behind the program is simple – quit being the spectator on the sidelines and take part in a team based fitness program that will get you puffing more than the players. Any level, any age and all abilities can take part in the program that is designed with a 40/20 philosophy in mind. 40 seconds of effort / 20 seconds of active recovery.Be motivated alongside like-minded participants, learn from a university qualified sport science coach from Acceleration Melbourne and achieve results in your own time!

KE40 will commence on Wednesday 14 June and will be delivered at the club from 5:40pm to 6:20pm on the following dates: 14 June, 21 June and 28 June (free introductory sessions) and 19 July, 26 July, 2 August, 9 August and 16 August (paid sessions – $10 per session).

What is KE40? It is a brand new fitness program designed to provide opportunities to get fit at your own pace, and save time. You can participate in KE40 at the same time and same venue where your child is training.

Do I need to be a member of HV or Footscray Hockey Club to participate in KE40? No, anyone can register to participate. Simply register for the venue of your preference. Go to “Venues” tab to see the full list of venues. You will however, need to register before your first session.

What if I have never played hockey before? You are our perfect participant!!! KE40 does not rely on any hockey knowledge. It has been designed by Acceleration Melbourne – the fitness experts – in partnership with Hockey Victoria.

I don’t have any equipment- what do I need to participate? All you need is runners and comfortable clothes. Everything else is available at your venue.

How much will it cost me to participate in KE40? KE40 will be offered as an 8-week program, with each session costing $10 (however, the first three sessions of the pilot are absolutely free). Participants can drop in and out of the program depending on their availability and only pay for the sessions they actually attend. All payments have to be made online using your credit card. You can register & pay via your mobile device so you will always have the option to join in on the day.

Who will deliver KE40? The program is designed and delivered by a university qualified sport science coach from Acceleration Melbourne.

Who are Acceleration Melbourne? Acceleration Melbourne is a successful fitness company with extensive experience in creating and delivering high performance programs for a variety of athletes throughout all levels of development. They have partnered up with Hockey Victoria to help them develop KE40 to provide opportunities for fitness success for everyone.

What if I have an injury? Please let your KE40 coach know as soon as possible before commencing your session.