Hockey Victoria is celebrating ‘Fair Go Sports Round’ this year from August 4-10 (Rd 15), and the Footscray Hockey Club is very proud to support their lead.

Hockey Victoria Initiatives:
1.On Wednesday August 2nd Hockey Victoria is running a workshop at the State Netball and Hockey Centre titled “How to Create a Safe and Welcoming Environment for LGBTI members”. It is convened by gay footballer Jason Ball and is available for parents/players/coaches, etc, at the cost of $10.00 (free for U/16). Bookings via the H.V. website.
2.Also two very short videos are available on the H.V. website (under the heading ‘Inclusion’). They provide an insight into homophobia in sport (a) from the perspective of a local goal keeper, and (b) encouraging acceptance of difference.

FHC Initiatives:
1.FHC players playing at home in rd 15 will be asked to wear a rainbow ribbon as a simple, yet very profound gesture which can mean a lot to an individual that you don’t even know. It’s also a way of saying that all are welcome to play at the Footscray Hockey Club and that we recognise that hockey as a sport, and our club in particular, can play an important role in creating an inclusive environment.
2.Rainbow socks can be purchased from the Human Rights Commission (see H.V. website under ‘Inclusion’) and worn by captains/whole teams playing at home. Please discuss these options amongst your team-mates.

As you think about or act on wearing the ribbon or socks, take a minute to reflect on two questions: (1) would I speak up if I heard comments that were inappropriate? and (2) how do my comments and behaviours contribute to making FHC a more inclusive and welcoming club?

Most of all, during ‘Fair Go Sports Round’ think about the importance of fair play and enjoy the company of your team mates with respect for umpires and opposition.

Julie-Anne Sheehan – FHC Inclusion Ambassador