Elimination Finals ….@ the SNHC did not go to plan for our Men’s or Women’s PL teams today, however we are all very proud of their performance and endeavour over this season. FHC, together with 2 other clubs had all 4 (PL and RES) teams in finals. Interestingly the same 3 clubs have the highest junior participation. FHC contributes the most state reps of any other club in Victoria. We have a very bright future at the Kennel and the PL teams are ready to take 2018 on. Thanks to all our supporters.

Best wishes to both Reserves teams who play at 1pm and 3pm Sun 3rd Sep @ Monash.

PL Men lost 3-1 vs PHSK (C Beck)
PL Women lost 3-2 vs GRN (J Versteegen, L Brazel)