The Australian Masters  Championships in Hobart has concluded with many Vic teams coming home with medals. Congratulations to our FHC representatives & supporters & all the Vic players.

Photo from left: Karen Veitch (Team Manager), Geoff Pilley, Graeme Veitch, Neville Hopkins, Norm Hibberd, Phil Frost, John Traill, Tin Pugh and Simone Muscat (physio)

35’s (Div 1) Peter Griffin, Thomas Griffin, Mark Wiseman, Alex Grosz (finished 5th)
40’s (Div 1) Nigel Toussaint, Stu Mclean, Tung Le, Greg Robertson, Physio Simone Muscat (Gold Medal)
45s(Div 2) Geoff Peacock, Brian Aldcroft (Bronze Medal)
50s (Div 1) Phil Frost, Heather Shaw -Team Mgr (Silver Medal ) 
50s (Div 2) Tim Pugh (GK) (finished 4th)
60s (Div 1) Geoff Lewis, Geoff Pilley (finished 4th)
60s (Div 2) Norm Hibberd (Bronze Medal)
65s John Traill, Neville Hopkins (finished 5th)
70s Neil Coster (GK) (Gold Medal )

Umpire: Sam Cutrale