Since 2010 a group of very committed FHC members led by Tung Le have journeyed to Vietnam each off-season to work with interested parties in Ho Chi Minh City to develop the sport of hockey, and introduce its skills and rules to an ever-expanding number of keen participants.

These annual excursions have seen the FHC volunteers loaded up with donated sticks, balls, shin guards and uniform items, whilst back home members have worked to support the development of funding submissions to national and regional government seeking funds for the development of a synthetic turf pitch and pavilion – a home for the developing local Association.

In more recent years the program has expanded to include the support of a nearby orphanage, a struggling institution where even the uptake of sporting skills development is a pipe-dream. Our volunteers have expanded their collection of clothing items to suit the orphanage’s needs, and have raised thousands of dollars to donate to the orphanage and local schools.

Thank you Tung and thank you FHC for all the support.