In December at the Footscray HC AGM I was elected as Junior Coordinator. I have big shoes to fill, as David Braiden (& his family) has given a lot to the club over the past 5 years. At the AGM, the membership thanked and acknowledged the commendable efforts of the Braiden family and I’d like to reiterate that. Although I am wary about being able to live up to the expectations of the role, I am very excited- the future of the club and its players is important to me, and we have some amazing people at this great club.

Footscray HC has a strategic plan, and in 2016 several parents and members of the club had a brainstorming session about the future of the junior section. It’s time to start putting some of these ideas into action, well before the start of the 2018 season.

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child- maybe we can adapt that to it takes a whole club to run a junior section! There are many ways that you can contribute to the junior section of the club

We will be holding a Junior 2018 Season Implementation Meeting to look at how we can put in place actions for 2018 to help us achieve our goals. Have a say on the draft junior documents that will be tabled on the night.

This will take about 1.5- 2 hours, and is currently scheduled for 6.00 pm (if sufficient interest), Wednesday January 10th at the club rooms.

Please RSVP if you can attend.

Caroline Mansfield
0411 155 184