Neil Coster is a stalwart of Footscray Hockey Club, 1000+ game record holder, life member (2009) and current board member (Grounds). You’d think he’d be hockey’d out, but it’s just a warm up to the work  he has undertaken since 1994 for the Victorian and Australian Masters Committees which has been recognised with a Life Member of the Australian Men Masters Hockey.

At Hockey Australia the Mens and Womens Masters committees were separate, but now they have locked in a schedule amalgamate. Neil is on new committee of Masters Hockey Australia and Rae Dunn (Women’s Masters) and Neil are completing an infrastructure and review of all facility requirements  required to hold Masters Hockey Australian Championships.

Neil is the Championship Coordinator on the Australian Masters Hockey Council. He liaises with the organising committee, Hockey Australia and all the state delegates to ensure the championships run smoothly. The Men can have up to 85 teams playing apx 304 games over 2 weeks.

Congratulations Neil on all your contributions to hockey.

Neil is pictured on the far left.