Hockey Victoria, together with Footscray Hockey Club are hosting J-Ball! Perfect for beginners, returning players, hockey mums and hockey dads!
You are invited to give J-Ball a go!
FHC TEAM: We’d love to form a couple of FHC teams. Please contact Nicole Virtuoso 0424132715 if you are keen to play.
The rules of J-Ball are simple and easy to learn in a couple of minutes, even if you’ve never played hockey before. The equipment (in particular the hockey stick and ball) has been modified so that there is no requirement for shin-pads, mouthguard or any other protective gear. 6 players per team, small field, three zones, 2 goals and a J-Ball facilitator. J-Ball is easy to play, not too physically demanding, and with all equipment provided Hockey Victoria have created a game where Anyone Can!
Where: Footscray Hockey Club F2 ground
Come and Try Night: Monday 16th April
Season Starts: Monday 30th April 2018 (8 week season)
Cost: $10 per game (Note: There are no additional membership fees on top of the $10 per game)
Uniform: Same colour top as your team mates!
More info can be found:

Looking forward to hearing from you, should you wish to participate.

Kind Regards,

Nicole Virtuoso