At FHC we are placing the emphasis around mental health and the role that belonging to a sporting organisation can play in creating a sense of connection and an opportunity to engage in dialogue with each other.

We welcome past and present male players/supporters to watch the main Men’s game (1.30 Premier League) on Sunday June 17 th at Alby Speed Field (F1) and socialise with each other in the rooms afterwards. We extend a particular welcome to the premiership players of 1998 who played off in a tightly fought grand final match. Through their subsequent victory they forged their place in our history by becoming the first FHC team in Victoria’s top
division since mid 1960’s.

We also welcome Junior families to come along where fathers and sons can watch the main games.

We encourage all club members to make contact with any male players that they know (past and present) and get them along to the clubrooms on Sunday June17th for at least some part of the afternoon. We’d also love to see male family members of the MPL team enjoying some food and drinks in the clubrooms.

It would be a great opportunity to make reconnections with past members, have a few laughs and reminisce about ‘the good old days’ whilst at the same time providing a very vocal supporter base for our Premier League Players as they take on Altona in a game that will be live-streamed for Hockey Victoria.

So blokes, get on facebook, twitter, e-mail, sms or whatever your choice of communication and get some old hockey mates and/or males in your family down to FHC so that we can ‘keep connected!’

Julie-Anne Sheehan
FHC Inclusion Ambassador