Pavilion: FHC’s deputation met with Council officers over a month ago to discuss issues centred on toilet and storage provision. In what was said to be a time-critical process, it is frustrating that we are yet to hear back about a couple of suggestions that FHC put forward.

In addition to the internal works that will get underway at the completion of the 2018 season, FHC have been encouraging Council to broaden our project’s ‘scope of works’ to include an upgrade of external elements (fencing, landscaping, building signage) that our visitors see when they approach the entry gates at FHC.

As the image attached shows(thank-you Men’s PC star Ed Negus for the fantastic graphic design), with luck we will have a beautiful external approach to our building that will match the wonderful new internal set-up by the end of next summer.

F2 repairs: Good news that Council are advising that the extensive repairs are now completed. This has proved to be be an expensive closure period for FHC, but all training and match commitments will be ‘off and racing’ commencing with the JSC in the first week of July.