Hockey Victoria is celebrating ‘Fair Go Sport Round’ this year from 2nd to 8th August (Round 15 for seniors). Footscray Hockey Club is proud to support this initiative and asks each player or spectator to reflect on the following question –“How do my comments and my behaviour contribute to making this an inclusive and welcoming hockey club?”

Hockey is something that we all love so it is especially important that any LGBTI members of our club have the same opportunities to enjoy their sport in a safe and inclusive environment. As a way of recognising this Round at FHC, rainbow ribbons will be made available for members/spectators to wear. Rainbow socks can also be purchased from the human rights commission and worn by captains and/or whole teams playing at home. This can be discussed at each team level. These can be profound gestures and are a simple way of saying “We stand with you, and you are welcome”.

I’m hoping that we recognise that hockey as a sport, and our club in particular, can play an important role in making all participants feel proud of who they are. This is a time to reflect on the language that we use and attitudes that we portray. As you wear the ribbon or socks take a minute to reflect on whether you would speak up if anyone else made comments that were inappropriate? Also think about the colours as a reflection of the diversity in our club and a great way to celebrate that.

Most of all, during ‘Fair Go Sport Round’, think about the importance of fair play and enjoy the company of your team mates with respect for umpires and opposition.

Julie-Anne Sheehan
Inclusion Ambassador