From everyone who has been working hard behind the scenes at FHC – we would like to welcome all players, supporters, members, volunteers, parents and partners to the 2019 hockey season. The Premier League squad has been in training since November last year and preparations for the 2019 season started the minute the final whistle went in 2018.
FHC has a few new players, a few new coaches, lots of eager Junior’s, Seniors and Master’s and a great Board for 2019. The club rooms redevelopment is progressing well and we look forward to the completion of the project later in the year which will deliver excellent player facilities in to the future. Coupled with this work is the West Gate Tunnel Project with a lot of work in our immediate area impacting on access to the Club at times – we appreciate your patience and goodwill during this project.
Volunteerism is at the heart of all great Clubs – If you are interested and enthusiastic, regardless of any direct expertise or ability, please reach out to any of our committee members – we need your help. In a less formal
sense, please jump in if you are at the Club and can see that something needs to be done.
In 2019 we will be fielding teams from Premier League through to Metro with a broad range of Junior teams. FHC is one of the largest Clubs in Victoria. We look forward to an enjoyable, competitive and skillful season ahead. FHC
has a long and proud hockey history – wear your colours with pride, enthusiasm and respect.
The FHC Board of Directors