Some might be aware that when Camberwell HC were looking to fit-out their new pavilion, they raised almost the entire $102,000 required via donations from their members. We haven’t gone down that path with the immediate projects that we’re running with at FHC because the members hard work each season has given us a ‘reserves’ budget that can cover our ‘fit-out’ needs, but by the same token , we’re constantly looking for ways to generate income that doesn’t impose further costs upon our members.

Some examples of this include a $3,000 funding submission recently submitted to the Vichealth ‘Active Clubs Grant Program’, a push via our Federal Government electorate candidates to find some money to help with the upgrade of our flood-lighting systems, and the tackling of a broad array of potential additional FHC sponsors. If you have any ideas that might help us further chip-away at finding cash without adding to member costs, please talk to any Board member. No idea is unworthy of consideration by an ambitious organisation like the mighty Footscray Hockey Club!

Men’s member Matteo Forani arrived from Italy and has landed at FHC this hockey season. He was referred to FHC by a previous player Stefano Tocco. He has plenty of hockey experience along with a few games for the Italian National Team. Matteo is currently looking for work (ideally permanent) and we’d like to put the call out to the FHC members who may be able to provide work or have contacts or know of anyone in the industry that Matteo is qualified in. Matteo has a masters in Material Science and Engineering. So ideally after work in this industry But also may be interested in any other work to begin earning an income. Looking forward to our great FHC community that reaches far and wide to help Matteo. Matteo Forani – 0474 167 683 –
It’s both a key annual performance measure determined by our Board, and a requirement of Footscray’s involvement in Premier League hockey, that each year we assist in the training of would-be umpires, tech officials and hockey coaches. With the 2019 season right upon us, the Sectional Directors are very keen to hear from anyone that would like to receive club support to help them develop these additional hockey skills.

In the Club’s soon to be released draft 2019 Action Plan, developing a new wave of leaders across all of our areas of operation is a primary focus for 2019. We believe that we can become, and stay, a real force in Premier League / Junior Shield hockey if we can maintain excellent club decision-making and performance in the immediate seasons ahead of us. So why not get involved and help FHC become an absolute leader in all facets of Victorian hockey!

Brendan Sheehan is currently wading through an enormous amount of research, and notes from our last Strategic Planning Workshop, and would appreciate the assistance of someone that could help with quickly knocking over some typing related to that project. If you can help, please call Brendan on 0405061536 or via email on

The club is after a graphic designer who is able to use their skills and volunteer from time to time to upgrade our posters, graphics and images we use etc. Currently using limited skills in amateur programs and we could certainly do a lot better in this area.