Inclusion Rounds hope to be a catalyst for ‘continued conversations’ about diversity. Their aim is really to become redundant so that we no longer need designated weekends. We look towards a future where women feel respected and equal, where statistics regarding men’s mental health issues are drastically reduced and where members of the LGBTI+ community feel safe to participate in all aspects of society without fear or prejudice. Women’s and Men’s Round have been part of the H.V. landscape for a few years but the newly named ‘Pride Cup Round’ this year will replace ‘Fair Go Sport’. The word ‘pride’ is the opposite of ‘shame’ and it is an opportunity for our great club to make sure that regardless of sexual orientation, you will be assured that we stand beside you (with pride!)

Keep these dates in your diary and contact me if you have any thoughts regarding possible activities for your team or our club.

Women’s Round         (May 10th-15th) H.V.Breakfast May 10th

Men’s Health Round  (June 10th-17th)

Pride Cup Round         (August 2nd-7th)

Julie-Anne Sheehan
FHC Inclusion Ambassador
0405 061 535