Staying Connected

As part of the Hockey Victoria initiative, FHC will be celebrating Men’s Health Round from Saturday June 22nd through to Wednesday June 26th. Each Men’s team (except for Pennant G) will be playing at home during that round and therefore has the opportunity to socialise after the game with team mates and supporters. We will again be fundraising for Beyond Blue and hoping that current players can reach out to their contacts, (i.e. past players and supporters) and encourage them to make it down to FHC to continue those connections. This is a great opportunity for Men’s teams to begin the conversation around ‘Are You Okay?’ and also make a contribution to a very worthy cause. Each player can be the catalyst for encouraging their team mates to hang around that afternoon (or evening) and build on the wonderful connections that we all enjoy from playing this sport.

Julie-Anne Sheehan
FHC Inclusion Ambassador

Match Schedule for Men’s Games

Saturday June 22nd
12.30   PLR  V   Greensborough  (F1)
2.00     PL  V  Greensborough   (F1)
3.30   PA  V  Mentone   (F2)
5.00   PC   V   Melbourne Uni   (F2)
6.30   PG   V  Hawthorn (at Hawthorn)

Sunday June 23rd
3.30   Metro   V   PEGS   (F1)

Monday June 24th
7.00   Masters 45’s   V   Essendon   (F1)

Wednesday June 26th
8.00   Masters 50A’s   V   Hockey Geelong   (F1)
9.00  Masters 60’s   V   Yarra Valley   (F2)