The FHC donated furniture has arrived at the Mallacoota Community Precinct! An organisation that runs 2 community hall venues as well as a number of local haunts such as the Mallacoota skate park, amphitheatre, oval and adjacent park lands. Our tables and chairs are very warmly accepted by the Mudbrick Pavilion nicknamed ‘The Muddie’. Mallacoota and East Gippsland Shire Council sent their warmest thanks to Footscray Hockey Club.

The mission of the Mallacoota Community Precinct is to meet, create, exercise, play, learn and celebrate. We hope the addition of some much needed furniture is of use to the people in the community.

Huge thanks to Rotary Club of Footscray for connecting all parties, Dyers Transport and MacGregor Logistics for donating their time and services (to bushfire effected towns) to ensure that the FHC furniture reached its destination at no charge to the Community Centre, or the Hockey Club. A really generous contribution to the Mallacoota community.

‘The Kennel’ and ‘The Muddie’ now have a life-long connection and we wish the whole community a full recovery after the devastating summer bushfires. If you are ever in that area, drop in and let them know you’re from Footscray Hockey Club. ❤️⚪️?

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