The Men’s & Womens Premier League Squads have commenced practice matches over the last week or so. Whilst full team lists are yet to be fully available, a very solid start to the practice match run.
PL def ESS 3 – 0 (S Borger 2, L Braithwaite)
PL def Haw 5 – 0 (K Gildea, T Henderson, S O’Brian, L Maso,n N Vlassis)
PL lost Alt 1 – 3 (B Rose)
RES lost PEGS (1 – 0)
RES lost HAW (7 – 0)
PL def MCC 4 – 1 (M Singh 2, G Minett, A Shirley)
RES def MCC 2 – 0 (M Bezzobs, E Taylor)
Men’s & Women’s Pennant and Metro practice matches commence this weekend. All the best.
Photo: Women’s PL squad vs MCC