Congratulations to the following members who have gained selection in the Victorian Mega Masters teams, they will compete in Newcastle, September 23 – October 2. Go Doggies!
Geoff Peacock (O55s)
· David Sinclair (O75s)
· John Munro (coach 070S)
45s Div1: Stu McLean, Tung Le, Nigel Toussaint
55s Div1: Greg Hopkins, Geoff Peacock, Phil Frost (Coach), Heather Shaw (Manager)
65s: Geoff Lewis, Geoff Pilley, Nev Hopkins, Peter Byrne
70s: David Sonenberg, John Traill, Neil Coster (GK)
75’s: David Sinclair, John Munro (Coach)
? Greg Robertson, Tung Le, Nigel Toussaint, Stu McLean, Simone Muscut – 2017 Premiers